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  • Naturism and the Christian religion

    2nd Jul 2019 by

    (A note prompted by a tweet outraged by the fact that Canadian authorities apparently arrested a Christian street preacher while allowing a naked bike ride)   Am I alone in being confused about why Christians are so offended, sometimes to the extent of being enraged, by nudity? Firstly, cards on the table.  I was brought… Read more

  • Naturism and sex: same uniform, different activity

    26th Jun 2019 by

    Is there a connection between naturism and sex? Well, yes, there is. Naturism is fun and relaxing. Having fun and being relaxed, as opposed to being tired and stressed, raises the probability (we’re talking maths probability here) of engaging in sex, so, yes, there is a connection between naturism and sex.  Is there a connection… Read more

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