Naturism and sex: same uniform, different activity

Is there a connection between naturism and sex? Well, yes, there is. Naturism is fun and relaxing. Having fun and being relaxed, as opposed to being tired and stressed, raises the probability (we’re talking maths probability here) of engaging in sex, so, yes, there is a connection between naturism and sex. 

Is there a connection between going to the bar after work on a Friday and sex? Yes, there is. Going to the bar after a long week at work is fun and relaxing and having fun and being relaxed raises the probability of engaging in sex. 

In both cases the two activities, while each carrying a connection to the other, are different and in both cases the sex, if any, comes later and takes place at a different venue. So why the confusion with naturism and sex? Why is it so hard for people to see them as different activities?

Hannah prepares supper in our little galley onboard Waterbird

Perhaps it comes from the uniform. 

If you go to the bar straight from work on a Friday you probably still have your work clothes on, same uniform, different activity. Like going to the office in a suit and going to a wedding in a suit, same uniform, different activity. No one gets confused by this. 

Engaging in naturism or in sex also involves the same uniform, nakedness. But, just as with the office/bar/wedding, the activities are different, same uniform, different activity. 

But in the case of naturism the uniform similarity causes confusion. Why? Because for many non naturists the only experience of shared nudity is when having sex, making sex the unique activity for the shared naked uniform.  

This is quite different to their experience of, for example, the suit, which they experience connected to a wide variety of activities. Given the circumstances, and the huge problem society has with sex, the confusion is, perhaps, understandable. 

The answer? To change perceptions such that shared nudity is no longer the unique uniform of sexual activity. How? By normalising nudity with other leisure activities. Go on a naked bike ride, be nude at home, go naked on the beach, be in your garden naked, hike naked, join a naturist club, camp naked etc etc.

Camping at lake Balaton in Hungary, summer 2018.

And if, as we do, you believe that widespread (within reason) naturism is likely to result in a more generous, tolerant and open society then you can do these things with your head held high. 

Naturism and sex: same uniform, different activity. 


Published by twonaturistson1

Two open minded naturists who gave up their jobs, sold their stuff and now tramp around the world on their old boat.

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  1. Hi
    My name is Tom and I am from Minnesota. I am an in home nudist, my wife is against it. I would like to get involved with other nudist in my area. How can a find out if there are others that enjoy this lifestyle in my area?


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  3. A good explanation with clear and logical analogies.It’s too bad that it’s so easy to explain yet so difficult for many to understand.Thanks for doing your part to try and change that.


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